October 15, 2019 1 min read

Florida in the summer is so sweltering hot that everyone heads to their nearest pool to cool off.

Perhaps this is why Florida has the highest rate of children under 15 drowning in the United States. The state’s Department of Health also estimates that more than seven out of every 100,000 children below five perish from drowning every year. Nationwide, nothing other than birth defects kills more children that age, and most of these drowning children die in swimming pools.

Five-year-old Riley Brandon was cooling off with her neighbor in Destin, Florida at a swimming pool popular with families. Riley was swimming in the shallow end in the Floridian weather when she noticed a baby fall into the water. The 18-month-old had dropped below the surface and none of the adults had seen it happen.

Riley, who’s known how to swim since she was just two, dove down to the baby and pulled her out of the water. She retrieved the baby in a matter of seconds, saving it from any lasting injury.

The Girl Scouts awarded Riley their Lifesaving Award for her efforts, and her friends at school praised her for her courageous actions. Her parents used to be search-and-rescue divers, and perhaps she’d picked up from them that saving people from the water is simply the normal thing to do.