June 05, 2019 2 min read

ATLANTA, GA, July 1— There is a new player in town who has promised to take the Lifestyle T-Shirt and apparel industry by storm: STORM & SAVAGE. And while some of their shirts communicate "right leaning" messages, they are designing shirts and hats that even the more liberal crossfitter, motorcycle-loving, gym rat would be more than stoked to wear.

And for those who will only wear the softest tees, STORM & SAVAGE has your back! Their tees will be made with blends of only the finest cottons being manufacture today.

And speaking of perfect blends, there couldn't be a better blend of "three" to challenge an industry flooded with tee shirt designing wannabes. Jeff Hopeck and brothers Chris and Pat Scully who also own a very successful marketing firm out of Atlanta, GA make up a tri-blend that couldn't be in a better position launch a company such as this.

Jeff Hopeck, a self-proclaimed "fashionisto" and key visionary behind

STORM & SAVAGE says, he has always wanted to build an apparel company whose clothing made more than just a political or lifestyle statement. He wants to offer clothing that when a customer pulls it out of their closet says, "this is my favorite shirt!"

Chris Scully, a successful entrepreneur and the "savage" business mind behind the STORM & SAVAGE brand promises that their products will offer value beyond anything the market has seen. Chris says, "I have visited some of the top manufacturing and printing facilities in the country, and the team we have assembled will offer value that will "win" the hearts of customers who try our product... guaranteed!"

Pat Scully, a 25 year veteran in the branding, advertising and marketing realm, and lead designer for STORM & SAVAGE says that he would be the happiest man alive if all he had to do the remainder of his working days were design t-shirts. Pat says, "I want to design shirts whose visuals will speak for themselves. Sometimes less is more. And customers will 'get it' when they see some of the shirts I have designed."

STORM & SAVAGE will also design hats and have set their crosshairs on a STORM & SAVAGE kids line of apparel as well.

Jeff, Chris and Pat concluded their interview as a collective with this: "We have all been so busy for the last couple of decades busting our tails happily making our branding, advertising and marketing clients successful, that we haven't had a moment to think about building something that we're all so passionate about. Well, that time is now. We're coming to take the lifestyle t-shirt industry by storm! We're coming to take what is ours."

Learn more and view the entire STORM & SAVAGE collection of shirts and hats at

Contact: Chris Scully // STORM & SAVAGE