November 06, 2019 1 min read

Before World War II began, Caesar the German shepherd was so well-trained that he made deliveries for the Glazer family in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. He would carry little packages of groceries up four flights of stairs in his mouth.

The boys of the Glazer family were getting drafted into the war. Once there was a call for military dogs to join the army, they knew that Caesar’s skills were needed. At first, Caesar was a messenger dog, carrying messages between camps.

Eventually, Caesar graduated to working on the battlefield. Rufus Mayo, his human handler, was asleep beside Caesar in his foxhole on an island in the Pacific. Caesar heard the approaching enemy Japanese soldiers and instinctively jumped out to protect Rufus.

Waking up from Caesar’s movements, Rufus noticed that the enemy had thrown a grenade at his feet. He had just enough time to react by throwing the grenade back before it exploded. Caesar was already on the move when he was shot three times.

A battle broke out, and Caesar ran off. After the conflict had ended, Rufus was able to find Caesar and take him to a surgeon. Three weeks later, Caesar recovered and returned to active duty.